Wisdom, tips, and inspiration from full-time creators making a living building their dream businesses.

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What's in a Typical Episode?

Interview episodes are generally 20-30 minutes long and flow like this...

  • About the guest's business & the current state of it
  • Biggest obstacle they overcame to get where they are now (And how they overcame it!)
  • What were some of their big wins, boons, or “lucky breaks” along the way? (And how to reproduce them!)
  • When did they decide to make the shift into their business as a creator full-time?
  • How’d they make that decision, and how’d they know it was the “right time?”
  • What’s their big next step / big next goal?
  • What are the big challenges or frustrations they're facing now to get to the next step?
  • What’s their #1 piece of advice to their younger self?

About Your Host, Zach Swinehart

+ The story behind the podcast...

  • I’ve been a web designer, developer, and conversion optimization specialist for over a decade and have worked with a bunch of creators at the top of their fields.
  • I’ve always been fascinated by the transition period entrepreneurs go through to get from working a job / freelancing → into being a full-time creator.
  • I’ve also noticed many creators hit a “6-figure bottleneck” point around the $300k/yr mark where they struggle with all the obligations and tasks on their plate when it’s just them (and maybe a VA)

This podcast is focused on what goes into that “full-time creator transition,” and navigating the growing pains of scaling the business after becoming the 6-figure bottleneck.

Praise for Zach:

“Zach has a unique ability to see my vision and shape it into something even better than I had envisioned.”

Amy Porterfield ‧ AmyPorterfield.com

“Not only is Zach a pleasure to work with – he’s amazing at what he does.”

John Lee Dumas & Kate Erickson, Entrepreneur on Fire ‧ EoFire.com

What Zach and I were able to accomplish in a matter of hours was nothing short of amazing.

Jonathan Fields ‧ GoodLifeProject.com